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US-in-Progress in Poland was truly instrumental to Menashe‘s success. We found terrific partners there for post-production, along with great exposure for the film with festival programmers, sales agents and distributors. – Alex Lipschultz (producer of Menashe, USinP Wrocław 2016)

We’ve been fortunate to be invited to US-In-Progress twice. Through USiP, we’ve connected with producers, post-houses, programmers, and sales agents to help us our finish films and prepare them for launch.

It’s a unique opportunity for American filmmakers to update their international savvy, build partnerships abroad, and make new cinema-passionate friends. – Jason Cortlund & Julia Halperin (directors of La Barracuda & Now, Forager, USinP Wrocław 206 & 2011)

US in Progress was an incredible experience and incredibly helpful. It was a rare opportunity to screen up-and-coming American independent films—before they are fully polished for the world—both with the filmmakers and with gatekeepers for those films. It was helpful to discuss filmmaking and post processes with other filmmakers and also to learn about their festival strategies. It was phenomenally helpful to talk to sales agents and festival programmers in order to learn more about their decision-making process and to get their feedback on our film INHERITANCE. The fact that we were awarded a color correction was the icing on an already generous gift, and Kasia and Ania at ColorOffOn were wonderful to work with. Wroclaw is a very cool city with a real community of cinephiles. Ula and her whole team are the best, and I can’t recommend US in Progress highly enough to other US filmmakers. – Laura Davis (producer, Inheritance, USinP Wrocław 2016)

It was an honor to participate in USIP. Travis and I received vital feedback (and encouragement) that we can take with us into the editing room, and Nakom will be a better film because of it. It was also wonderful spending time with all the partners and fellow filmmakers. USIP does a fantastic job of facilitating a real sense of community In a short amount of time, which was invaluable to say the least. – Kelly Norris (co-director/ co-producer of Nakom, USinP Wrocław 2015)

US in Progress is one of the great experiences of my life as a filmmaker. The support received by US in Progress in Poland was more support then we’ve gotten from our own country! US in Progress was such a bench marker for me in my career, the time I was able to spend there with other filmmakers and the feedback we received for our film, it was invaluable, everyone American filmmaker should seek out this program. – Robert Machoian (God Bless the Child, USinP Wrocław 2014)

The US in Progress program was instrumental in introducing me to a group of international buyers and distributors that I otherwise would not have had the access to meet.  It also connected me with fellow filmmakers who have become colleagues and mentors as we navigate the festival circuit together. Through their continued support, I took my debut feature “I Believe in Unicorns” to over a dozen international film festivals from Edinburgh to Munich, Sydney to Wrocław. The program gave me hands-on experience and practical advice which has proved immensely useful in a tangible way. I am honored to have been welcomed into US in Progress and am excited to watch this community continue to expand. – Leah Meyerhoff (I Believe in Unicorns, USinP Paris 2013)

usinp-onur-testimonialI spent four nights in Paris, watching incredible movies, hanging out with incredible filmmakers, and partying on a rooftop with one of the most breath-taking views I’ve ever experienced.  The French were so warm and inviting.  The organizers and the audiences were so lovely, I’ve been depressed since coming back to the states.  But I’ve been inspired as well.  There’s so much self-inflicted pain that comes with being an artist of some sort.  Film-making is no exception.  With so much work out there, it’s easy to feel unappreciated.  Not so with this festival.   Like the Eiffel Tower, stretching to the heavens, Champs Elysees reaches for the stars and succeeds. – Onur Tukel (Summer Of Blood, USinP Wrocław 2013 and Paris 2014)

USIP was an amazing experience for me as a filmmaker.  It was immensely important for us and granted us the funds we needed to finish our film.  We would not have gotten to the finish line financially if it wasn’t for the help of the awards we won at USIP.  I feel quite lucky to be involved in such an amazing program. – Mike Ott (Lake Los Angeles, USinP Wrocław 2013)

My invitation to particulate in US in Progress came to me like a beacon of light amidst a sea of creative darkness and uncertainty. After nine months of working on the film in near isolation, it’s inclusion was a vital signal that I was not alone with the project, that there was interest from the outside. The experience exceeded my expectations in nearly every way; from the hospitality and kindness I was shown by the organizers and staff, to the remarkable setting of the event, to the direct contact and feedback from international distributors and buyers, and perhaps most importantly to the various friends I made. I found US in Progress to be in invaluable opportunity, integral to the process of making my film that I will be forever grateful for. Thank you! – Matthew Lessner (Automatic At Sea, USinP Paris 2014)

The US in Progress experience was a shot of love for my film.  Everyone I met – from the festival organizers to the foreign sales reps to the other filmmakers – was warm and wonderful and full of positive energy.   I got candid, insightful feedback about my film, and a real sense of how it would be received by a european audience.  Not only was the experience a huge morale boost during the doldrums of the editing experience, The US in Progress screening actually directly resulted in us finding an international sales rep. I can’t praise it highly enough. – Benjamin Dickinson (Creative Control, USIP Paris 2014)

For an American independent filmmaker, especially a first-timer, US-in-Progress is an essential point of entry into the increasingly vast and exciting international film community. My experiences in both Wrocław and Paris were instrumental in helping Hide Your Smiling Faces find success, and have better prepared me for future projects. – Daniel Patrick Carbone (Hide Your Smiling Faces, USIP Wrocław 2012)


Earnest, attentive and professionally engaged, seeking answers about the best ways to complete the films in order to appeal strategically to festivals and international sales agents, the filmmakers discussed how best to further the success of their present and future films as well as their careers as international filmmakers. – Sydney Levine (jury member,

US in Progress has been a unique experience for us at TrustNordisk to participate in. We get to meet with upcoming and interesting directors and filmmakers from abroad, which would take us years to spot and sort out ourselves, if it wasn’t for a great team around this particular market, and their hutch work finding the best independent filmmakers seeking collaborations and agents here in Europe. It means a lot to get these new contacts in the business, as well as get to meet and talk about their recent and future work. TrustNordisk is especially there to seek new interesting projects for international sales, as well as talent from the US, which could be interesting to work with for future projects and in co-productions in between our countries. So, this is why the US in Progress is both a super initiative, and  one of the most important markets for us to attend when it comes to knowing the independent market of American films, their producers and directors, as you can’t find this focus on any other market in the film industry – Silje Nikoline Glimsdal (Sales Manager, Trust Nordisk)

USIP brought together an incredible pool of talent. It was a great opportunity to see what is emerging in American independent cinema. – Vanessa Saal (Head of Worldwide Sales at Protagonist Pictures)